🔢Scoring Methods and Points Allocation

C2E utilizes a comprehensive scoring system for allocating points to users based on their actions and contributions to the platform. These XP points can later be converted into $C2E Tokens once our native token is launched. Your scores and achievements will be recorded on-chain to the user's Soulbound token as Identity Bound Tokens (IBT), reflecting their engagement and achievements within the C2E ecosystem.

Here's how you can earn XP points and be rewarded for your valuable contributions:

Approved Reviews on Chain:

Share your opinions on Web3 projects by submitting reviews that are approved and recorded on the polygon chain. We offer different levels of rewards based on the length and depth of your review:

  • Mini Reviews (30-50 words): Earn 5 XP points for providing concise and informative insights.

  • Short Reviews (50-100 words): Earn 10 XP points for delivering more detailed and comprehensive reviews.

  • Medium Reviews (100-250 words): Earn 20 XP points for sharing in-depth analysis and evaluation.

  • Long Reviews (250-500 words): Earn 30 XP points for crafting extensive and insightful reviews.

Reply to a Review:

Engage in meaningful conversations with other community members by replying to their reviews. Each helpful and relevant reply will earn you 5 XP points, encouraging dialogue and knowledge sharing.

Helpful/Doubtful Review:

Help others in the community make informed decisions by marking reviews as helpful or doubtful. For each interaction, you will earn 1 XP point, contributing to the collective wisdom of our community.

Social Media Engagement:

Stay connected with us and earn XP points through social media activities:

  • Follow C2E on Twitter: Earn 10 XP points by following our official Twitter account and receiving timely updates on new projects, announcements, and events.

  • Join C2E Discord community: Earn 10 XP points by becoming a member of our vibrant Discord community, where you can engage in discussions, seek advice, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

  • Join C2E Telegram group: Earn 10 XP points by joining our active Telegram group, where you can interact with like-minded individuals and stay informed about the latest happenings in the Web3 space.

Content Sharing:

Spread the word about C2E and contribute to the growth of our platform:

  • Share content on social media: Earn 5 XP points by sharing our platform's content, including project reviews and insightful articles, on your social media channels.

  • Share content on a forum or community: Earn 10 XP points by actively participating in relevant online communities or forums and sharing our content to initiate meaningful discussions.

  • Share content on a blog or website: Earn 20 XP points by featuring our content on your personal blog or website, amplifying the visibility of C2E and Web3 projects.

As you accumulate XP points, you will rise through the ranks and compete for a coveted spot on our leaderboard. The top scorers will be recognized and rewarded for their exceptional contributions to the Review to Earn program.

Please note that the Review to Earn program is subject to our terms and conditions, and the conversion of XP points to $C2E Tokens will be available once our token is launched, the exact details of the conversion will be announced soon. Join us on this exciting journey of exploring, reviewing, and earning rewards within the Web3 ecosystem. Together, let's create an engaging and insightful community at C2E.

Please refer to our website and program guidelines for more details on participation and eligibility.

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