💯User Reputation System

C2E's user reputation system is designed to incentivize quality contributions and foster a healthy, vibrant community. Users are awarded reputation points based on their engagement, reviews, and helpful insights. This reputation score helps identify trusted and knowledgeable users, encourages active participation, and enhances the overall user experience on the platform.

Ranking and Scoring Algorithms for Leaderboards and Active Users

C2E incorporates a robust ranking and scoring system to evaluate the performance and contributions of users on the platform. This helps identify top performers and active users, encouraging a more engaged and informed community. The platform employs various formulas to calculate scores for leaderboards and active users, as well as top reviewers.

Active Users Scoring

C2E evaluates active users based on their level of engagement with the platform, employing the following formula:

Score = (P * W1) + (T * W2) + (A * W3)


  • P = The number of pages the user has visited on the platform

  • W1 = The weight assigned to page visits (for example, 0.4)

  • T = The amount of time the user has spent on the platform

  • W2 = The weight assigned to time spent (for example, 0.3)

  • A = The number of actions the user has taken (such as likes, shares, or comments)

  • W3 = The weight assigned to actions taken (for example, 0.3)

This formula takes into account the user's engagement in terms of page visits, time spent, and actions taken on the platform, assigning appropriate weights to each factor.

Top Reviewers Scoring

To rank the top reviewers on the platform, C2E uses the following formula:

Score = (R * W1) + (U * W2)


  • R = The number of upvotes the review has received

  • W1 = The weight assigned to upvotes (for example, 0.6)

  • U = The number of comments the review has received

  • W2 = The weight assigned to comments (for example, 0.4)

This formula accounts for the popularity and engagement of a reviewer's content by considering the number of upvotes and comments received on their reviews.

By employing these scoring algorithms, C2E ensures a fair and transparent ranking system that encourages users to contribute high-quality content and participate actively within the community. The platform's leaderboards and ranking system also help users identify reliable sources of information and knowledgeable contributors within the Web3 ecosystem.

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