☑️Onboarding New Projects and Verification System

C2E aims to create a reliable and trustworthy ecosystem for Web3 projects. To achieve this, the platform has implemented a robust onboarding process and verification system for new projects. This process ensures that only genuine projects are showcased on the platform and awarded a verification badge, adding credibility and trust for users.

Onboarding New Projects

  1. Submission: Projects interested in joining the C2E platform can submit their details and relevant information through a dedicated submission form. This information should include project name, description, team members, tokenomics, roadmap, and any additional documentation or links.

  2. Initial Review: The C2E team will conduct an initial review of the submitted information to verify the project's authenticity and completeness. This step involves cross-referencing provided data with other available sources and assessing the overall legitimacy of the project.

  3. Background Check: The C2E team will perform a thorough background check on the project and its team members, examining their past experience, social media presence, and any previous projects or associations. This step ensures the integrity and reputation of the individuals behind the project.

  4. Project Evaluation: The C2E team will evaluate the project based on various criteria, such as its value proposition, utility, market potential, and overall contribution to the Web3 ecosystem. This step helps to determine the project's viability and potential for success.


Once a project passes the evaluation process, it will be awarded a verification badge on the C2E platform. This badge indicates that the project has undergone a rigorous vetting process and is considered genuine and trustworthy.

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